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What is a Good 11 Plus Score?


A good 11+ score will vary depending on the school for which you are aiming. Most scores for GL and CEM 11 Plus exams will be expressed as a standardised score.

What is a Standardised Age Score?

A Standard Age Score converts a student's raw score into a standardised score which takes into account their age in years and months and gives an indication of how they are performing relative to a national sample of students of the same age.

How is it calculated?

The first step in calculating a SAS is to produce an ‘Attainment Estimate’. This takes into account the number of questions answered correctly or incorrectly across the different papers, ensuring equal weighting is given to each. On an adaptive test such as the ISEB Common Pre-Test, the difficulty level of these questions will also be a major determining factor.

Next, these scores are adjusted based on the students' age at the time they sit the exam. Someone born in September at the start of the school year may be almost 12 full months older than someone born in August when they sit the exam which gives the older student an unfair advantage. To combat this, younger students are ‘awarded’ extra marks to make up for their age. For example, two students who achieved the same ‘raw score’, the older one may end up with a standardised score of 118 and the younger a score of 121.

What is a good Standardised Age Score?

The standardised age result of a child is mapped onto a normal distribution curve where achieving a SAS score of 100 would place a student at the exact average point for their year group. The maximum a student can achieve will usually be 140-142. We recommend that students aim for a SAS score of at least 115 in an Atom Learning Mock Test for entry into a top UK selective school. Most need at least 110 and some as high as 124 and beyond.

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