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Atom Learning provides tailored education solutions for families.

Whether you’re looking to boost your child’s performance across the core subjects of English, maths and science, or preparing them for 11+ grammar & independent senior school exams, we're here to help.

Atom Nucleus product overview

Our products for families

Arrangement of mathematical symbols

Core Curriculum

English, Maths & Science for Years 3 - 6

Our Core Curriculum product builds academic confidence and keeps students progressing.

  • Relevant for ages 7 - 11

  • Core subjects of English, maths and science

  • Boosts understanding and in-school performance

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'Excellent platform. Very good content, engaging graphics, fun teachers. Mostly used for exam preparation but my son also attended classes and overall we were very impressed by the whole site and the adaptive content. Would recommend.'

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11+ Exam Preparation

11+ & Independent School Exam Preparation

Our Exam Prep product provides children with everything they need to excel in admissions tests.

  • Relevant for 11+ grammar or independent senior school exam preparation

  • Industry-leading maths, English verbal and non-verbal reasoning practice

  • Unlimited mock tests that mirror real exams

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What makes Atom different?

Our Content

  • All our learning resources are created by teachers. Best-in-class content that's aligned to the National Curriculum and all major 11+ examination boards.

  • Atom gives your child access to over 90,000+ questions, video tutorials, help sheets and recorded lessons - all designed to build learner confidence and knowledge.

Our Technology

  • An adaptive algorithm underpins our learning platform: we look at your child as an individual, meaning our content keeps your child challenged and engaged every step of the way.

  • Atom targets your child's areas for improvement, fills knowledge gaps and ensures they progress at the rate that's right for them.

How does Atom work?

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Children learn by interacting with questions, video tutorials and teacher-produced resources.


Our adaptive technology identifies your child's ability level, and their areas for improvement.


Our content continues to adapt to fill learning gaps, leading 
to constant progression and accelerated learning.

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