Hi, we're Atom Learning.

We believe the emergence of adaptive learning will play a major role in the future of education.

Our goal is to combine the highest quality teacher-made content with sophisticated technology that adapts to individual pupil attainment in a fun, navigable and engaging way.

We want to offer a viable alternative to tuition and reduce teacher workload, while leading the way for innovative schools across the world.

Our Mission

To accelerate teachers, parents and pupils’ realisation of the power of technology to radically increase efficiency and boost learner outcomes.

Meet the Team

We are a team of teachers, computer scientists, data analysts and educationalists who want to democratise learning.



I’m passionate about educating schools and parents on what a profound impact technology can have on learner outcomes when combined with the right content. Outside of work I enjoy getting out of London, losing to my brother at tennis, trying to cook and reading.



I focus the majority of my time on researching applications of artificial intelligence to accelerate student learning and engagement. Outside of work I write fiction and continue on my quest to find the perfect ice cream.


Chief Maths Whizz at Atom Learning & Primary Maths Specialist with White Rose Maths

I specialise in mathematical pedagogy, and design the Atom Learning maths curriculum to build absolute understanding. I am the author of Rekrenrek 101 – Pushing Mathematical Understanding and am on a mission to spread the word globally on using versatile, visual maths tools in classrooms.


Chief English Whizz at Atom Learning & Primary school teacher

I lead on the Atom Learning English content, texts and syllabuses, working to create meaningful cross-curricular resources and linking objectives to the rigorous Key Stage Two assessment requirements. I am the author of Classics for Key Stage Two, a book designed for teachers.


Chief Technology Officer

I started building websites aged eight and gradually taught myself a variety of languages, before doing a Computer Science degree. I'm interested in exploring new technologies and how we can harness them to improve learning experiences for pupils all over the world. Outside of work I love to travel and play a bit of tennis.


Head of Product

I'm driven by the potential that technology has to reduce the gap in education provision. Outside of work I like yoga, cycling and exploring the parks of South London.


Product Manager

After graduating and gaining experience working in education, I joined Atom as I believe that technology can have a profound effect on improving education provision for as many people as possible. Outside of work, my main interests are music, literature and travel.


Software Engineer

After completing a master's in Physics, I delved straight into the exciting world of software development and into an industry that I'm passionate about. I play a lot of tennis (even in the winter!) and enjoy shooting photos in film.


Software Engineer

Polyglot, language geek and avid hiker. Firm believer in Tech for Good.


Software Engineer

My background is in Environmental Science, but I recently made the switch to Software Engineering, excited about tech's power to deliver positive social impact. When I'm not writing code, I enjoy rock-climbing, reading and building furniture.


Software Engineer

I believe in making education fairer and more accessible, and see tech as a great means to achieve that. Technology has huge potential to improve educational attainment, which I have seen first hand during my time in the education sector. When not at work, I enjoy discovering new restaurants, listening to podcasts and travelling.


Product Manager

It's incredible how under-utilised technology is in education, but I'm proud to be part of a company that's rectifying this. Outside of work, I'm an avid reader, although this unfortunately now consists of twenty minute bouts on a Southern train at either end of the day.


Product Manager

After finishing my second master's degree in Amsterdam, I decided to give London a try. Atom means that I stay close to my dual passions of education and technology. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, rollerblading and exploring all the street markets that London has to offer.


Software Engineer

Prior to joining Atom, I worked in further education. As a new developer, I enjoy the challenge of working at Atom. Outside of the office, I enjoy reading and visiting galleries.


Customer Success Lead

My undergraduate degree in languages, masters in linguistics and two years experience teaching abroad inspired my passion for exploring the far-reaching potential of online learning and teaching. Personal interests include travel, reading fiction and football.


Product Manager

After finishing my master's degree in Chemistry, I joined Atom to develop my interest in education. My other passion is skiing and I recently qualified as a ski instructor!


Growth Manager

I'm a firm believer that access to high-quality education is an important key to empowerment, and it’s exciting to be part of a company that is a driving force behind this global mission. Outside of work, my passions include teaching maths, running 5Ks around the world, and painting.


Software Engineer

I completed a degree in Graphic Design before moving into web development. After working across creative agencies and digital publishing, I decided to move into the education space. I'm passionate about building and architecting rich, accessible interfaces, using any tool or technology to provide the best possible user experience for all.


Product Manager

Towards the end of my degree, I started to explore my interest in education. I joined Atom to pursue this, as I believe that tech has the power to take all learning to the next level. When I'm not at work, I love to try and make (and eat!) loads of different cuisines and I'm currently working on finding the perfect pad Thai recipe!


Product Manager

I'm interested in improving access to education so that everyone, regardless of their background, can benefit from high-quality learning resources. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time reading, as well as seeing as much live theatre and comedy as I can.


Growth Manager

I'm a believer in the power of tech to drastically improve education for all, and I've joined Atom to help make that happen. My experience in the classroom has shown me first-hand the huge impact that technology can have on making education accessible and improving outcomes for all. When I'm not working, you'll likely find me in the mountains or on my bike.



I'm a multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for crafting engaging and beautiful experiences through digital products. When I'm not at my desk, I love playing outdoor sports, hanging out with friends, and making all kinds of things in my workshop.


Brand & Marketing

I joined Atom whilst completing my Master's dissertation, which explores the theological implications of artificial intelligence. I believe that technology has the potential to bring the highest level of education to people of all backgrounds. Outside of work I enjoy writing and producing music, training in the gym and practising martial arts.


Software Engineer

After studying philosophy at university I worked in technology sales for a while, but building the tech seemed more interesting than selling it, so I taught myself to code. Since then, I've developed software for both the public and private sectors, and I'm thrilled to now be working on a product with so much potential to democratise education. Outside of work I spend my time cooking, learning to play the guitar and running.


Customer Success Manager

I'm passionate about access to education and excited about the potential that technology has in improving this globally. Outside of work my hobbies include stationery shopping, reading historical fiction and travelling as far and wide as I can.


Software Engineer

Before moving into software development, I worked in education and the charity sector. I am really excited about working at Atom where I can put a diverse combination of skills towards a product I believe in. I see education as a critical contributor to social mobility, and I can't wait to see how Atom continues to grow, positively impacting its users.


Customer Success Manager

Combining my experience in luxury customer service and my interest in education makes Atom Learning a great company to work in. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, cooking, and dance.


Customer Success Manager

Studying educational psychology at university and working as a private tutor for many years ignited my interest in creating new, interactive, online learning journeys. In my free time, you'll likely find me watering my plants, making ceramics or practicing reflexology.


Customer Success Manager

I'm passionate about technology and the benefits it can have within education. I'm excited by the increasing use of education technology in both classrooms and for home learning, and the creative, innovative ways that the sector is rising to the challenge. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, travelling and cooking.


Customer Success Manager

It is my mission at Atom Learning to ensure that parents get the best support and education for their children. I believe that implementing technologies and innovative ideas into education is the best way to help pupils progress. Outside of work, I love exploring new ideas and concepts, especially in the areas of meditation, philosophy, business, and personal development.


Software Engineer

As a self taught engineer and start up builder, I joined Atom because I'm a strong believer in using technology to make high quality education ubiquitous and available for everyone, regardless of their background. Outside of work I play with my many pets, and love exploring new places and learning as much as possible about humans, space & local curry houses.


Software Engineer

For last couple of years I have been developing different products for various companies. I joined Atom because I felt the need to work on the product that has positive impact and social value. Outside of work, I spend my time exploring different programming languages & frameworks, playing tabletop roleplaying games and getting better at calisthenics.


Product Manager

I have a big passion for education and believe that technology is a scalable solution for educational inequality. In my spare time I love to cook (I used to be an ice cream chef) and see my friends.


Curriculum Lead

I believe in the transformational power that education has to change the world. My mission at Atom is to ensure that all of our curriculum content is of exceptional quality. Outside of work, you will usually find me reading a good book or exploring Britain's beautiful countryside with my family.


Customer Success Manager

I am passionate about empowering parents with the knowledge required to ensure their children reach their desired educational goals. I'm thrilled to be part of a company that is working to make education fairer both in and outside the classroom. Outside of work, I enjoy wild swimming, theatre and baking.


Software Engineer

I joined Atom because I believe technology is instrumental in increasing access to high quality education. My path to learning software development has mostly been through online resources which have enabled me to learn a whole new skill set, so I know first-hand how impactful online learning can be. Outside of work, I enjoy practising yoga and looking after my plants.


UX Designer

I am passionate about creating aesthetic user interfaces with simple and intuitive user experiences. I enjoy challenging myself with every project undertaken and focus on empathy, desirability and functionality to meet the users' end goals. Being an aspiring yogi, I am a keen practitioner of yoga and meditation.