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When is the best time to start 11+ Preparation?

If you know your child will be sitting an 11+ exam in 2022, you may be wondering when is the best time to get started in order to ensure your child is ready to ace any entrance examination.

We’ve asked our team of Education Experts for their advice on how to ensure your child is fully prepared by the time they sit their first test.


The Eton List Test and How to Make Sense of It

Wondering how the Eton List Test works? Explore what it involves and know what to expect.


The Differences between GL, CEM & ISEB

Find out all there is to know about the different Key Stage 2 exam boards and how we can help your child excel in the relevant exam.


The ISEB Common Pre-Test: Everything You Need to Know

Is your child preparing for the ISEB Common Pre-Test? Here is everything you need to know.


What is a Good 11 Plus Score?

Is your child preparing for the 11+ exam? Discover what it means to get a good score!


Common areas of difficulty for the 11+ Exam

Here are five of the most challenging sub-topics your Child could face on their 11+ exam.


Atom Learning visits Port Regis School in Dorset

Atom had the pleasure of visiting Port Regis school in Dorset to speak to Senior Deputy Head, James Webb. See what he had to say in this latest interview.


Atom Answers Common 11 Plus Questions

Are you struggling to get to grips with the 11 plus? Atom Learning answers some of the most common 11 Plus questions.


Inside Atom’s KS2 Science Curriculum

Only one month has passed since Atom Learning added the KS2 Science Curriculum to its platform, but the results are clear: primary school children across the UK love to learn about science.


Top Tips For Keeping Children’s Mind’s Active This Summer

Top tips for keeping your child’s mind active over the summer holidays to support wellbeing and academic flourishing.


Science Experiments for Kids Part 1: KS2 Physics

Looking for fun KS2 physics experiments to try at home? Discover some of Atom Learning’s favourite science experiments for kids.


Mock tests and the 11 Plus

Preparing for the eleven plus and unsure of where to start? Discover the importance of utilising online 11 plus mock tests.

Exams for UKiset

All you need to know about UKiset

Preparing for the UKiset exam? Explore Atom Learning’s complete guide to preparing for the UKiset exam.

E-learning for learning apps

5 Learning Apps for Your Child’s KS2 Education

Learning apps for kids are a brilliant way to turn screen time into a productive educational experience. Discover the best learning apps for your kids for KS2.

Verbal Reasoning

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning: Exam Preparation Guide

Are you looking to help your child improve their 11+ Verbal Reasoning skills? Discover some exam preparation insights from Atom Learning.


5 Simple Science Experiments for Kids to Try at Home

Find interactive ways to improve your child’s KS2 science understanding. Follow these simple science experiments to boost learning alongside Atom Learning.


The 11 Plus: A Simple Guide for Parents

Follow this simple beginner’s guide to the 11 plus exams to find out how these exams work and why they matter.


ISEB Common Pre-Test: Improving your Child’s Performance

Is your child ready to take the ISEB Pre-Test? Explore Atom Learning’s top tips for exam success.


11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning: Top Tips for Success

Is your child preparing for an 11+ exams non-verbal reasoning test? Learn some top tips and discover how Atom Learning can support your child on their journey to exam success.

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