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All you need to know about UKiset

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What is UKiset?

The UKiset exam is a standardised online adaptive assessment intended to help parents identify suitable schools for their child. It provides students with a ‘UKiset profile’ to send to their target schools outlining their strengths, weaknesses and academic potential.

Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to UKiset, including key advice on how to prepare.

Who is UKiset for?

The exam can be taken by any student between the ages of nine and eighteen wishing to apply to a British Independent school or similar educational institution within the U.K. Over 250 British independent schools currently use the UKiset within their admissions process.

What will the UKiset exam involve?

The UKiset exam lasts approximately two hours. It is split into three sections in order to assess children’s skill level in four fundamental areas; English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Section one - 45 minutes

Mathematical Reasoning

Assesses a child's learning potential in quantitative reasoning. Involves looking at number, value, quantity and sequences.

Verbal Reasoning

Assesses a child's ability to solve problems based on words and language.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Assesses a child’s ability to solve problems using visual reasoning such as identifying relationships between patterns and shapes.

Note: For students with English as a second language, the verbal reasoning section is likely to be more difficult than for a British student. Consequently, the UKiset results include an additional score for this section which excludes verbal reasoning. This enables prospective schools to understand a student’s potential when language is not a factor.

Section two - 30 minutes

Cambridge English Test

Online multiple-choice exam. Designed to help schools assess candidates' level of English and predict how accessible the British curriculum will be for them.

Section 3 - 45 minutes

Essay Writing

Demonstrates a child’s use of language.

What is the UKiset profile?

Results of the UKiset exam will be used to produce a UKiset profile that compares an overseas student with a British student in the same year group. Results are also used to determine the student’s CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) level which represents their current ability in academic English.

Preparing for the UKiset

1. Online Testing Platforms

To successfully prepare for the UKiset exam, children must be familiar with the style of the questions that they will be asked. Since the UKiset is an online adaptive exam, online testing platforms are recommended for successful exam preparation. Atom Learning is the leading provider of AI-driven learning for KS2 and senior school entry. As a highly adaptive platform, Atom Nucleus ensures children are working at the correct attainment level for them; this way they remain challenged and avoid becoming demotivated.

Preparing for the UKiset can feel daunting as the exam is online which means there are no past papers. Fortunately, in place of past papers, a premium Atom Nucleus subscription gives candidates access to tens of thousands of individually designed practice questions and automatically marked mock tests.

2. Practice English Skills

Candidates are likely to perform better if their English skills are well developed. They should be encouraged to read, write, listen and speak in English regularly.

3. Support children in their preparation

Preparing for the UKiset exam can be overwhelming. Rewards and regular breaks can keep children motivated, and frequent practice on platforms such as Atom Nucleus will boost their academic confidence. While exam preparation can feel repetitive, Atom Nucleus keeps children engaged and motivated by encouraging them with rewards including badges and Atom Learning points!

Key dates and figures

When applying for the UKiset there will be a one-off fee of £295. This covers administration costs including the sending of the UKiset profile to 5 target schools, selected prior to, or after the UKiset exam. Further schools can be contacted for £50 per school. Results are usually processed within three working days and are valid for a year. The test can be retaken after four months.

We can help

If you’re looking to ensure your child is best prepared for UKiset, start your 5-day free trial of Atom Nucleus for success in the classroom, entrance exams and beyond.



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