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We’re your one-stop-shop for 11 plus grammar school admission.

Boost your child’s scores through 90,000+ practice questions, unlimited mock tests, and engaging learning resources across their exam's curriculum. We are relevant for both GL & CEM 11 plus exams.

  • English, maths, verbal & non-verbal reasoning

  • Unlimited 11 plus Mock Tests

  • A tailored learning plan in each subject area

  • Stay updated on your child's progress

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What makes Atom different?

Our Content & Mock Tests

✅ All our learning resources are created by teachers. Best-in-class content that's aligned to GL & CEM exam boards.

✅ We have mock tests that replicate specific 11 plus exams, so your child knows exactly what to expect on exam day. The best part? Mock tests on Atom are unlimited - so no more rationing past papers!

Our Technology

✅ An adaptive algorithm underpins our Exam Prep platform: we track your child’s daily progress and provide them with content that keeps them both challenged and engaged.

✅ Our platform targets your child's areas for improvement, ensuring they progress at the rate that's right for them and are fully prepared by the time of their exam.

Our Products for 11 plus Grammar School Preparation

Exam Prep

£49.99 p/m

Designed for Year 5 and 6 students who are looking to master 11+ content and perfect exam technique.
  • ✅ English

  • ✅ Maths

  • ✅ Verbal Reasoning

  • ✅ Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • ❌ Unlimited Mock Tests

Exam Prep Plus

£59.99 p/m

Designed for Year 5 and 6 students who are preparing for entrance exams in Year 6.
  • ✅ English

  • ✅ Maths

  • ✅ Verbal Reasoning

  • ✅ Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • ✅ Unlimited Mock Tests

Arrangement of mathematical symbols
Looking for Years 3 - 6 learning across English, maths & science instead?

We have a separate product designed for children looking to build confidence across English, maths & science and improve in-school performance.

Explore our Core Curriculum product here.

Why prepare for 11 plus exams with Atom?

Personalised revision

Atom's adaptive technology personalises learning & revision more effectively than a private tutor.

Clear reporting for you

Data-driven insights on your child's strengths and areas for improvement. We pinpoint where your child needs to focus before exam day.

24/7 access

Slot learning & revision in around your family's schedule. No hassle.

Motivation to learn

Watch your child engage with their learning through our motivational interface and reward system - 11 plus revision has never been so easy (for you or them!)

Automatic marking

Bored of marking past papers? We do it for you!

Comprehensive content

Best-in-class, teacher-produced content, aligned to GL, CEM and the National Curriculum.

About the 11 plus exam

About the 11 plus exam

What is it?

The 11 plus is an exam taken by Year 6 students. It assesses students for entry into selective independent schools and grammar schools.

There are two main exam boards that set the 11 plus for different schools: CEM and GL.

About the 11 plus exam

Why is the 11 plus important?

The 11 plus helps to decide whether your child is the right fit for a school.

For the exam to accurately reflect your child's ability, they should be relaxed, confident, and well-prepared. For more information on how to help prepare your child for this year's exam, read our complete guide to the 11 plus.

About the 11 plus exam

How can we help?

Atom Nucleus takes your child on their optimal learning journey, with adaptive technology that personalises learning more effectively than a private tutor.

Discover best-in-class, teacher-produced content, and unlimited exam practice tailored to your target school, to empower your child to perform their best in the 11 plus.

Looking for expert advice?

Our education advice team are always on hand to help. If you have questions about the 11 plus, how, to identify your child's areas for improvements, or which exam board their target school uses, get in touch with the team at [email protected] or book a call below.

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