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Unlock your child's potential with 1:1 tuition.

Unlock your child's potential with Atom Tuition. Book a risk-free trial lesson.

  • Private one-to-one lessons

  • Access to our online learning platform between sessions

  • All core subjects and exam subjects offered

  • Regular updates and termly assessments to track progress and identify gaps

Atom Tutoring
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Why choose Atom Tuition?

  • Your child's tutor will create a tailored learning plan for your child that caters for their individual goals and performance.

  • All teaching takes place online, meaning your child can receive expert tutoring when and where you want.

  • We keep you up-to-date on your child's progress through regular reports, termly assessments and check ins. We replace 'I think' with 'I know'.

  • Your child has access to Atom Nucleus, our online learning platform, to keep them progressing between sessions.

Tuition has never been so simple.

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Easy booking

Book sessions around your family's schedule.

Quality control

Quality control

All our tutors are DBS checked and have proven track records for success.

Education advisors

Dedicated Education Advisor

Your family's education advisor is on hand to support. Quick and easy communication via email, phone & Whatsapp.

Data-driven insights

Data-driven tuition

Unlike traditional tuition, we use data to identify your child's areas for improvement.


Competitive pricing

From £27.00 per lesson. Simple payment system makes booking sessions easy.



We remove the guesswork with real-time access to your child's progress data, weekly reports & termly assessments.

How it works



By precisely analysing your child's needs and goals, we find the perfect tutor for your family.


Your tutor delivers data-driven one-on-one sessions that target your child's areas for improvement.

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Our online learning platform provides between-session learning through tailored practice questions, video tutorials and topic resources.

Awards and Partnerships

A completely new tutoring experience.

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