Free Online Summer Courses For All Pupils

We are running free, online, intensive summer courses across English, maths, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, creative writing and exam skills and interviews for Key Stage 2 pupils (ages 8 - 12) throughout July and August.

After the disruption to education over the last few months, we hope our summer courses provide parents and pupils with some additional support and leave pupils feeling confident and well-prepared for September.

Let your child catch up and stay ahead of the curve. Register for our summer courses for FREE today.

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Post Lesson: Practice Activities on Atom Nucleus

Following each lesson, the teacher will set your child an adaptive practice activity to complete on their Atom Nucleus account to test the skills developed in that section of the course. You will be sent insights and data on your child’s performance in each activity.

If you do not have an Atom Nucleus account but you would like your child to access an adaptive activity following each section of the course, please start your free trial before you book onto a course. We offer a five-day free trial to all subscribers and you will have access to a wealth of learning resources to keep your child engaged throughout the summer and beyond.

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