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Dulwich Prep

Ashfold School


Devonshire House

Garden House School

Ludgrove School


Port Regis

Propsect House

Wetherby Prep School

Bute House


Northcote Lodge


Eaton House

Falkner House

Glendower Prep

Notting Hill Prep

Knightsbridge School

Ravenscourt Park Prep School

Summer Fields School

Sussex House

Save Time

Save time with tens of thousands of practice questions designed by teachers, quick lesson and homework builders, and automatic marking.

Manage mixed ability classes

Engage mixed ability groups with adaptive learning and multiple work groups.

Adaptive Mock Tests

Run CAT tests that mirror key entrance tests to senior schools including the ISEB Common Pre-Tests.

Precision Reporting

Cohort and individual statistics to identify strengths and weaknesses across students, classes and year groups.

Improved Engagement with Parents

Share students’ progress with parents and track how students are working outside of school on the Home Platform.

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