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Applying for a grammar school and not sure which exam they use? Take a look at our 11 Plus Grammar School Consortiums Guide.

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Mock Test questions on Atom Nucleus

Exam boards

  • ISEB Common Pre-Test

  • CEM Grammar 11+

  • GL Grammar 11+

  • Grammar School Collective 11+

  • Northern Ireland Post Primary Transfer Consortium

Grammar schools 11 plus

Berkshire grammar schools

  • Reading Girls’ Grammar School Selective Stream Test

  • Reading School 11+

  • Slough Consortium 11+ Entrance Examination

Cumbria grammar schools

  • Cumbria Grammar Schools 11+

Devon grammar schools

  • Devon Grammar Schools 11+

  • Plymouth Grammar Schools 11+

Dorset grammar schools

  • Dorset Grammar Schools 11+

Essex grammar schools

  • CSSE 11+

  • Chelmsford County High School 11+

Gloucestershire grammar schools

  • Gloucestershire Grammar School Entrance Test

Greater Manchester grammar schools

  • Loreto Grammar School 11+

  • St Ambrose College Entrance Exam

  • Trafford Grammar Schools Consortium 11+

Hertfordshire grammar schools

  • Hertfordshire Southwest Grammar Schools Consortium 11+:

Kent grammar schools

  • The Kent Test

  • The Medway Test

  • The Shepway Test

Lancashire grammar schools

  • Lancashire Grammar Schools 11+

Lincolnshire grammar schools

  • Caistor Grammar School 11+

  • Lincolnshire Grammar Schools 11+

London grammar schools

  • Bexley Selection Tests

  • Enfield Grammar Schools 11+

  • Henrietta Barnett School Entrance Test

  • Kingston-upon-Thames Grammar Schools 11+

  • Newstead Wood School 11+

  • Queen Elizabeth’s School 11+

  • Redbridge Grammar Schools 11+

  • St Olaves Grammar School: SET

  • Sutton Grammar Schools 11+ SET

West Midlands grammar schools

  • Birmingham Grammar Schools 11+

  • Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Test

  • Shropshire, Walsall and Wolverhampton Consortium 11+

  • The Warwickshire Test 11+

Wiltshire grammar schools

  • South Wiltshire Grammar Schools 11+

  • Wiltshire Grammar Schools 11+

Wirral grammar schools

  • Upton Hall 11+

  • Wirral Grammar Schools 11+

Yorkshire grammar schools

  • Ermysted Grammar School 11+

  • Ripon Grammar School 11+

  • Skipton Girls’ High School Selection Test

  • Yorkshire Calderdale Grammar Schools 11+

  • Yorkshire Kirklees Grammar Schools 11+

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Independent schools

  • City of London School for Boys 11+

  • City of London School for Girls 11+

  • Dulwich College

  • Emanuel School

  • Eton List Test

  • Harrow Test 13+

  • KCS Wimbledon 13+

  • Merchant Taylors’ School

  • St Paul’s School 11+

  • St Paul’s Girls’ School 11+

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Year 6 tests

  • Year 6 CAT4 tests

  • Year 6 Foundation Tests

  • Year 6 SATs

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