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What is the difference between Atom Nucleus and Atom Prime?
What age is Atom Learning appropriate for?
How does Atom Nucleus help my child consolidate KS2 knowledge and prepare for senior school entry?
What subjects are covered?
Is Atom Learning relevant for my child's senior school entry exam?
How much should my child practice on the platform?
Can I use Atom Nucleus with a private tutor?
How do I switch between my parent account and my child’s student account?

Pricing and Subscription Settings

How much does Atom Nucleus cost?
How much does Atom Prime cost?
I have to enter my payment details to sign up to the free trial. When will the first payment be taken?
Can I cancel at any time?
How do I cancel?
How do I reset my Atom Nucleus password?
How do I reset my child’s password?

Data Protection

How do you use my child’s data?