Want to join a mission-driven, award-winning London startup committed to providing a world-class education to all? You're in the right place!

About Us

đź‘‹ Hi, we're Atom Learning

Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality education to all children globally, regardless of background. To achieve our goal, we are combining exceptional teacher-produced content with cutting-edge technology.

We are a growing team with offices 
in Old Street, London, though we offer fully remote and flexible work.

Why choose us?

You’ll join a talented, supportive team, who work hard but have fun. You’ll be given a lot of responsibility and trusted to complete your work in the way you think is best. You will solve difficult problems with a huge impact on positive social change, and you’ll learn a lot along the way.

Our culture

We have a culture of freedom and responsibility. We want to attract and retain brilliant people and then give them maximum freedom and responsibility so that they can innovate and create great products that help people.

In practice, this means we operate with decentralised management. Every person at Atom Learning is an informed captain; we have complete ownership of our sphere of influence. Managers provide us with context such as how our role fits within the wider company mission, but managers never tell us what to do. Managers work with us to figure out what matters; we figure out how to do it.

By taking complete ownership of our roles and having the freedom to decide how we achieve our goals, we maximise our chance of innovation. This also means we’ll make more mistakes but that’s OK: mistakes are a great opportunity to learn and we share our learnings across the company.

How do we achieve excellence 
with limited controls?

Most companies have a few great people and a lot of mediocre people; we would rather just have great people. It’s a truism, but in creative roles, 1 great person cannot be replaced by any number of mediocre people. When a group of very talented people come together, they make one another more effective. The result is a truly inspiring place to work which translates into a brilliant product, brimming with innovation.

We avoid top-down management, encouraging everyone in the company, regardless of seniority, to provide feedback to one another. By having a culture of constant feedback, we are constantly improving, and that makes us great at our jobs.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary

  • Full auto-enrolment workplace pension

  • High degree of autonomy

  • Opportunity to become an integral member 
of a fast-growing startup

  • 28 days holiday + bank holidays

See Our Current Positions

Visual Designer

  • London or Remote

  • Permanent Full Time

Junior Front-End React Developer

  • London or Remote

  • Permanent Full Time

Senior Product Manager

  • London or Remote

  • Permanent Full Time

11+ Tutor

  • London

  • Permanent Part Time

Freelance Question Maker

  • London or Remote

  • Permanent Full Time

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