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5 Learning Apps for Your Child’s KS2 Education

E-learning for learning apps

Smartphone and tablet apps can be great learning tools for kids and provide busy parents with the peace of mind that their child’s screen time is positive and educational. With the school closures that have happened over the past year, many parents are keen to find digital resources that can support learning at home.

Download some of the apps listed below and find out why they would benefit your child’s KS2 learning!


Practising language skills will be hugely beneficial for your child’s Key Stage 2 education as bilingualism has been proven to improve cognitive flexibility, empathy and academic performance across a range of subjects, including maths and science!

Asking your child to spend 20-30 mins on Duolingo each day will allow them to reap the rewards of bilingualism for the rest of their lives. The app will keep them motivated using rewards, such as virtual coins and levels while adapting to your child’s learning style. It is designed to be fun and your child will have the option of learning over 30 languages!

Seek by iNaturalist

This is the perfect outdoor learning app to accompany KS2 science education. The app supports your child’s understanding of living things and their habitats – a key topic in Key Stage 2. It uses image recognition technology to identify plants and animals. There is even a rewards system where you earn badges for finding different species.

Elevate – Brain Training

Elevate – Brain Training is an award-winning app that offers more than 35 different games designed to boost skills in maths, writing, speaking, reading and listening. This app would be a great all-rounder for your child’s KS2 education. It is designed to be accessible to most ages and it has been shown to be highly effective in improving cognitive performance, as one of their studies showed an improvement in performance of 69% in users compared to non-users.

codeSpark Academy

codeSpark Academy is one of the most successful kids coding apps around! It introduces children to basic problem solving and logical thinking exercises that are required for coding, using a playful and highly accessible word-free interface.

While coding might not be part of the KS2 curriculum, it is a brilliant way to compliment your child’s learning. In a world that is increasingly reliant on technology, coding skills are becoming more and more valuable. Starting to learn the basics early will give your child the opportunity to find if they have a natural knack for it and allow them to pursue it more seriously later on. Learning this skill is especially important for girls as it is the first step to closing the gender gap in STEM!

Toca Lab: Elements

Gaining experimental skills is central to KS2 learning. Toca Lab: Elements will allow your child to interact with all 118 elements from the periodic table and use them in fun experiments with lab tools! This will help them practise virtual scientific methods, processes and skills while preparing them for secondary school.

Looking for a more specialised KS2 learning resource?

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