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There are 65–75 places available for boys at Year 9. There are further places available for girls and boys to enter the school in Year 12. In addition to this, boys may enter the Under School in Years 2, 3 or 6.

Open Days

Open days and tours are available throughout Year 5 and can be booked on the school website: https://www.westminster.org.uk/admissions/open-days/.


Final deadline – 30th of September of Year 6 Children can be registered for 13+ entrance to the school at any time from Year 5 onwards. It is recommended that they be registered by the end of Year 5.

School Examinations

October – November of Year 6 All applicants are required to take the ISEB Common Pre-Tests. They will take it at their prep schools and Westminster will assess the results alongside a reference from the applicant's headteacher.

Other Assessments and Interviews

January – February of Year 6 Candidates who have performed well will be invited to Westminster for an interview with a senior member of staff. They will also be required to do two further short tests in English and maths.


March of Year 6 Parents will be sent a letter offering either a place at the school starting in September of Year 9, a place on the waiting list or a letter explaining that no offer will be made.


April/May of Year 8 The Westminster scholarship examinations are called ‘The Challenge' and include examinations in maths, English, French, science, history, geography and Latin.

13+ Common Entrance

Westminster no longer requires applicants to sit the 13+ Common Entrance exam, but they will require a satisfactory progress report and reference from their current school in Year 8.

Admissions Fees

Non-refundable entrance fee: 4% of annual day fee (January of Year 7). Deposit: one term's fees (September of Year 8)

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