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UCS Hampstead


There are approximately 25 places for boys to enter in Year 9. There are 30 places for boys from other schools to enter in Year 7, who will join 60 boys transferring from the Junior Branch. In addition to this there are 35 places available for girls to join the school in Year 12, as well as a small number for boys.

Open Days

during Autumn TermEvents and Open Evenings are organised by the school; dates can be found on their website. In addition to this, you may book a private visit during school hours by contacting the Admissions Office.


September of Year 6 Parents are asked to complete an online registration form on the school website: https://www.ucs.org.uk/13-application-form

School Examinations

Autumn term of Year 6 All applicants are required to take The ISEB Common Pre-Tests, usually at the candidate's current school. Results will be assessed alongside a confidential report from the applicant's current school.

Other Assessments and Interviews

January of Year 6Candidates who have performed well at the Pre-test will be invited for an Interview and Taster Day at the school. They will take part in a classroom activity, which will take the form of paired or small group work leading to a discussion or summary presentation to a senior member of staff. After this, they will have a short interview with a member of the teaching staff.


January of Year 6 Results from the Pre-test, Head's report and interview day will be considered and offers sent to parents, either for a conditional place or a place on the Waiting List.


UCS Hampstead offers a music scholarship and well and several bursaries for those who require assistance with fees.

13+ Common Entrance

Applicants are required to take Common Entrance and offers are conditional upon acceptable performance in these exams.

Admissions Fees

Deposit requested: £500 (after receipt of offer in Year 6), £3000 (in Year 8).

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