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University College School


University College School (UCS) is an independent day school for boys aged 4–18, but it admits girls into pre-prep and the sixth form. Situated in the heart of Hampstead, UCS is one of the top academic schools in London.


Boys admitted at 11+ will join the 60-65 boys who transfer from the UCS Junior Branch to the Senior School. Junior Branch boys are not required to sit a further qualifying examination. All external applicants sit an entrance examination and there are approximately 50 places in Year 7. A full academic and personal report is also requested from each applicant’s current school.

UCS has removed the Year 9 (13+) as a point of entry to UCS from September 2023 onwards. Please note that for entry at 13+ in 2021 and 2022, all offers of places are conditional upon acceptable performance in Common Entrance examinations taken in the boy’s prep school at the end of Year 8, or equivalent end-of-year exams as held by the boy’s current school.

Based on the results of the entrance exam and academic reports, shortlisted candidates will be invited back for an interview.

You can find the 11+ application form here:

Application Form

Open Days

Open Evenings for the Senior School are held during the autumn term. The open evenings normally start with talks from the Headmaster and senior members of staff in the Great Hall followed by group tours of the Senior School site which are led by pupils

If you have any further questions regarding open evenings, you can contact the UCS Admissions Office during school hours on 020 7433 2117/2118 or by emailing: [email protected]


How to apply

Parents wishing to register their son to be considered for a place at University College School must complete the online application form. Applications close in mid-November of the year prior to entry. There is a non-returnable registration fee of £150 to be paid at the time of application.

The school will send a letter of confirmation on receipt of the completed application form and fee, and all registered children will be entered for the entrance assessment.

Exam Information

Exam Date

The entrance examination is held in January of Year 6.

Exam Board

UCS uses its school’s own 11+ examination.

Exam Format

It consists of papers in English, maths and reasoning (verbal and non-verbal), in January (whilst in Year 6

The entrance exam for University College School comprises the following papers:

  • English Examination - one hour 15 minutes. Time will be split between two sections including a reading comprehension (45 minutes) and creative writing (30 minutes).
  • Maths Examination - one hour 15 minutes. There will be three sections; Multiple- Choice, Core Mathematics and Maths Problems. All questions will continue to cover the National Curriculum Mathematics topics.

How to prepare for the UCS 11+ exams

The best way to prepare for the entrance examination is to firstly ensure that you have a firm grasp of the KS2 curriculum in Maths and English. The campaign area of Atom Nucleus will help to ensure you have spent the optimal amount of time in each subject and close any gaps in knowledge. Atom Nucleus allows you to do unlimited practice questions, and is packed with high quality videos and helpsheets to help develop your understanding. This is a powerful tool, proven to significantly improve attainment levels in the core subjects required. Atom Nucleus also allows you to take unlimited practice tests - these will help you to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses so they can use their time as effectively as possible in revision.

To learn how to get the most from Atom Nucleus, you can book a free place on a Nucleus Webinar. Atom’s Education Advisory team also holds free parent webinars throughout the year specifically on 11+ admissions and exam preparation.

Atom Learning host specialist clubs over the holidays to cover exam preparation, including masterclasses in English, maths and reasoning, creative writing and interviews workshops with experts.

If you have any queries on the UCS 11+ admissions process or exams, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of Admissions and Schools Specialists at [email protected]


As in previous years, shortlisting for interview will be on the basis of performance in the entrance examination and an academic reference from the current school. The Interview Day itself consists firstly of a classroom activity lasting 50 minutes, in which the boys will be in small groups. They will then be interviewed solo with a member of the teaching staff lasting approximately 10-15 minutes. Senior staff will meet the boys during part of their classroom activity and will also meet parents, in groups, to answer any questions they may have.

UCS will consider each candidate's ability and potential to make the most of the diverse opportunities on offer, to contribute positively to the life of the School and to the experience of other pupils. An enthusiasm for the extra-curricular life of the School – supporting their long-standing traditions in music, art, drama, debating, community activities and sport - will be an advantage.

Atom Learning offers a “Masterclass on Interviews” webinar for both children and parents.


Places are offered during February of Year 6 and formal acceptance is required shortly after in early March.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Please click here for more detailed information on bursaries and scholarships:

Bursaries and Scholarships

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