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Sevenoaks School


Each year, approximately 85-90 new pupils are accepted for entry at Year 9, joining an existing group of about 80 pupils. These 80 pupils join at Year 6. An additional 75-80 pupils join at Year 12.

Open Days

throughout the yearThe school organises Open Mornings and individual visits. Details are available on the school website and parents are advised to book ahead.


deadline – October of Year 7Parents should fill out an online application form, which can be found on the school website:https://www.sevenoaksschool.org/admissions/entry-at-13/how-to-apply/

School Examinations

May of Year 7After receiving an application, the school will request a reference from the candidate's current school. After this has been received and a Confirmation Form has been filled, candidates are invited to Sevenoaks (there is also a test centre in Hong Kong) to sit school examinations in:

  • Maths: non-calculator – 1 hour
  • English: comprehension and composition – 1 hour
  • Reasoning: verbal and non-verbal – 1 hour

Other Assessments and Interviews

May of Year 7On the same day as the entrance examinations, candidates will be asked to take part in a 40-minute group interview and a co-curricular activity.


June of Year 7After considering performance on examination day, as well as the school reference, Sevenoaks will send offers to parents by email. This will either be an unconditional offer of a place in Year 9, a place on the reserve list, or no offer.


May of Year 8Candidates who perform exceptionally well in the tests are invited to take part in the Academic Scholarship examinations at Sevenoaks. Candidates are tested in science, humanities (History and Geography), a general paper and a modern language (French, German, Spanish or Mandarin). In addition to this, they choose two optional subjects from a choice of English, maths, a further science paper, Latin, Greek, RS, a second Modern Language, design, music or art.

13+ Common Entrance

Summer term of Year 8Those candidates who are at a UK prep school are asked to aim for an average of 70% in their Common Entrance if they are not taking the scholarship exams; the results are used for setting purposes.

Admissions Fees

Deposit requested: £1,500 for day pupils and £3000 for boarders (June of Year 7).

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