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There are 110 places for entry in Year 9. Marlborough is in the process of changing its admissions procedure to allow the majority of children to secure places for entrance while they are in Year 6 of their current school. However, there will still be an opportunity to win a smaller number of places in Years 7 and 8.

Open Days

Throughout Years 5 and 6Events and open mornings are organised by the school; some are open to anyone, and some only to registered children. Parents are advised to check the school website for dates and booking details: https://www.marlboroughcollege.org/admissions/admissions-procedures/.


Deadline – June of Year 5, June of Year 6, or September of Year 8 Parents should get in contact with the admissions department to ask for a registration form. The fee is £250 and the deadline depends on when you are applying. From 2022 entry onwards, 70% of places will be offered to those applying in Year 6. A further 25% of places will be offered to those applying in Year 7, and 5% will be held for those applying in Year 8.

School Examinations

Autumn term of Year 6 or Year 7 For 2022 entry and onwards, most candidates will be required to take the ISEB Common Pre-Tests in Year 6, though it is possible to take it in Year 7. They will take it at their prep schools and results will be assessed alongside a reference from the applicant's headteacher. Results are assessed alongside a report from the candidate's current headteacher. For those applying in Year 8, the ISEB Pre-Test is not a necessity, but school reports will need to be provided.

Other Assessments and Interviews

January of Year 6 or Year 7 Candidates who have shown promise in the Pre-Test will be asked to come to the school for an assessment day. This will involve some informal group activities as well as one interview with a housemaster or housemistress and a second interview with a house tutor. There will also be two short writing tasks.


Lent term of Year 6, Year 7 or Year 8 After considering the headteacher's reference, Pre-Test results and performance in the assessment day, places at the school will be offered, followed by a place in a house. For applicants in Year 6 a place on the ‘B List' may also be offered: this is a waiting list and these applicants will be reconsidered alongside those applying in Year 7.


Lent term of Year 8 These are available to candidates who have excelled at Pre-Test and assessment stages. They will be invited to Marlborough for interview and to sit compulsorily papers in English, maths, science and a ‘common paper', each 1 hour and 20 minutes long. There are also optional papers in French, Greek and Latin, which are taken at the candidate's current school.

13+ Common Entrance

Summer term of Year 8While candidates are expected to achieve 60% at Common Entrance, their results will only be used to determine their sets and will not affect their application.

Admissions Fees

Deposit requested: £1950 (by July of Year 7)

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