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Invicta Grammar School


Invicta Grammar School is a leading girls’ grammar school based in the Maidstone area of Kent and rated outstanding by Ofsted. Invicta Grammar School is widely recognised as being innovative and highly successful with specialisms in Business, Mathematics, Computing and Languages.


To register for the Kent Test at 11+, you must complete an online registration form.

Once your daughter has sat the Kent Test at 11+, parents must complete the Secondary Common Application Form and submit it to Kent County Council, which can usually be done online. The Council will send assessment results to parents in October.

If you have any further queries about Invicta Grammar School’s admissions process at Year 7, you can call the school on 01622 755856 or email [email protected]

There are 240 year 7 places and offers are not solely based on the entrance examination, therefore passing the Kent Test does not guarantee your child a place in a Kent grammar school. We advise checking in advance where the Kent grammar schools are located, and what the admissions criteria are for the school(s) you are interested in. You can search for Kent grammar schools with Kent Schools search.

As with top grammar schools, places for year 7 are often oversubscribed. If more children qualify for places than a school can offer, it will apply its oversubscription criteria to decide which children it can take - please read these carefully here for Invicta Grammar School:

Admissions Policy

Open Days

The open day for The Henrietta Barnett School is normally held in mid-July.


How to apply

It is easiest to register online at www.kent.gov.uk/ola. If you do not have a smart phone or computer, you can go online from libraries or internet cafes, or your child’s primary school may be able to help you. Prefer paper? You can ask the Secondary Admissions Team to send you a paper form by ringing them on 03000 41 21 21 or emailing [email protected], or visit www.kent.gov.uk/secondaryadmissions to print off a blank form to fill in and return to us by post, enclosing SAE if you would like your postal registration acknowledged.

By listing that Kent grammar school among your preferences on your home LA’s common application form. The national closing date for completing a Secondary Common Application form is 31 October 2020, but you should check when your own LA wants you to return the form.

Registration deadline

Test, registration opens June 2020 and closes in July 2020

Exam Information

Exam Date

The Kent 11+ Test is typically held in early September.

Exam Board

The entrance examination is the Kent Test administered by GL Assessment.

Exam Format

Entrance to Invicta Grammar School is via the Kent Test. This involves two multiple-choice papers.

The first is a maths and English paper and is one hour long. Each section will involve a 5 minute practice exercise followed by a 25 minute test. The English section will involve a comprehension exercise as well as some additional questions drawn from a set designed to test literacy skills.

The second test is a reasoning paper, which covers verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. The non-verbal reasoning will be split into short sections, administered and timed individually.

There is also a writing composition exercise, lasting around 40 minutes and will include planning time. This writing task will only be marked when looking at borderline cases.

You can find more specific information on the Kent 11+ Test:

Kent 11+

How to prepare for the Kent 11+ Test

Invicta Grammar School is considered the county’s best state secondary, so your daughter is likely to face strong competition for a Year 7 place. For advice on how best to prepare for The Kent 11+ exams, please click here for the “Grammar Schools” advice page, and click here for more information on scoring.

The Kent Test requires a certain threshold to be passed in all the subjects in order to be considered for a place at one of the Kent grammar schools. Therefore it is important to ensure your child has a firm understanding across all English, maths, non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning to provide a stronger chance of success. The campaign area of Atom Nucleus provides unlimited practice across the four subjects and will help your child spend the optimal amount of time in each subject to close any gaps in knowledge.

Atom’s Education Advisory team holds free parent webinars throughout the year specifically on grammar schools 11+ admissions and exam preparation, including information on Invicta Grammar School. Click here if you wish to be notified of our free parent webinars.

Atom also hosts specialist clubs over the holidays to cover exam preparation, including the grammar schools’ 11+ GL Assessment, masterclasses in English, maths and reasoning, and creative writing workshops.

If you have any queries on the Kent 11+ admissions process or exams, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of Admissions and Schools experts at [email protected]


All Local Authorities will send out offers of school places at the start of March. To be considered for a Kent grammar school place, you will need to name your school of choice on your common application form, your child will have taken the Kent Test, and been assessed as suitable for the grammar school.

Pupil Premium

Please click here for more information on the school’s Pupil Premium allocation:

Pupil Premium Allocation

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