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There are 160 places available for boys to enter at Year 9. A further 20 places are available for boys to enter into Year 12.

Open Days

throughout the yearThe school organises Open Mornings; places can be booked on the school website. In addition, families of registered boys have an opportunity for an individual tour of the school when boys meet Housemasters in Year 6.


final deadline – May of Year 6 Though the final deadline is May of Year 6, there are advantages to registering by the end of Year 5. Harrow also accepts late applications between May of Year 6 and May of Year 7, although only outstanding candidates are considered at this stage as there are few places remaining. Registration Forms can either be requested from the Admissions Office or downloaded from the school website:https://www.harrowschool.org.uk/Register-for-entry

School Examinations

Autumn term of Year 6 All applicants must take The ISEB Common Pre-Tests, either at their prep school or at an agreed examination centre. Results will be assessed alongside a report from the applicant's Head Teacher.

Other Assessments and Interviews

September – October of Year 7Those who have performed well in Pre-tests and have completed them by Autumn of Year 6 will be invited to meet at least one House Master between January and June of Year 6, hence why it is an advantage to register early. Others will meet House Masters at a later date. After this, all successful candidates will be invited back to the school for the Harrow Test. All boys also have two interviews, for which they will be asked to bring a book. One interview will be with a House Master, the other with a Senior Master, assessing character and interests and discussing current affairs. A non-binding ‘House interest' may be confirmed at this stage. Candidates will also be asked to sit school assessments in: 1. Maths & English (online - 30 minutes each); 2. A short essay (handwritten 20-25 minutes).


October – November of Year 7 Offers made are conditional on achieving sufficient marks in entrance or scholarship exams.


February of Year 8Scholarship exams take place at the school over four days. They include an interview, as well as tests in English, maths, analytical reasoning, philosophy & applied ethics, and at least three other subjects chosen from science, history, geography, French, Latin and ancient Greek.

13+ Common Entrance

Summer term of Year 8Harrow expects boys to achieve an average of at least 65% in their Common Entrance. Most will achieve well over 70%. These marks will be used for setting purposes.

Admissions Fees

Deposit requested: £500 (on acceptance of place), £3000 (January of Year 7)

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