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Harrow School

Harrow is an independent boarding school for boys. It was founded in 1572 by John Lyon under a Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I. Harrow has an enrollment of 829 boys, most of whom join in Year 9, after their 13th birthday.


Before applying, it is recommended that you visit the school. There are twelve Open Mornings a year. These take place on Saturday mornings and registration for these is via the School’s website. Approximately 75 families attend each Open Morning and a typical programme includes: a presentation by the Head Master ; a pupil panel session; a tour of the School with a guide and at least one current pupil; a visit to a boarding house (to meet the House Master and some of the boys in that House); and the opportunity to meet other House Masters, current pupils and members of the Admissions Department.

You can book your place at an open morning here:

Open Mornings


The next step is to register your son. This should ideally be done in Year 5, however the main deadline is 1st May in Year 6.

ISEB Common Pre-Tests

All registered candidates sit the ISEB Common Pre-Tests, an age-standardised and adaptive series of tests in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. This test is sat either at a boy’s school, at an alternative educational establishment or test centre, e.g. the British Council. Atom Nucleus gives you access to unlimited ISEB-syle practice tests. You can find the full details of the ISEB here, along with tips on getting most out of your Atom Nucleus subscription.

The school will also request a reference from your son’s current Headteacher.

House Master Meeting

Boys who have scored well in the ISEB Common Pre-Test and who also have strong references from schools may be invited to Harrow to meet with one or more House Masters, between January and June of Year 6.

The Test

All boys who pass the ISEB Common Pre-Test will be invited to sit the Harrow Test.

This test will consist of two computerised tests in English and Maths, of 30 minutes each. There will also be a short essay question, around 20 minutes in length. Finally, there will be two interviews: one with a House Master and one with a Senior Master.

We would recommend preparing for this test by first ensuring that your son has a comprehensive understanding of the national curriculum. The campaign area of Atom Nucleus will help to ensure you have spent the optimal amount of time in each subject and close any gaps in knowledge. For the Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning component, it is crucial to become familiar with the styles of reasoning that these questions require. Atom Nucleus allows you to do unlimited practice questions, and is packed with high quality videos and helpsheets to help develop your understanding. This is a powerful tool, proven to significantly improve performance in VR and NVR. Atom Nucleus also allows you to take unlimited practice tests - these will help you to identify your son’s strengths and weaknesses so he can use his time as effectively as possible in revision.

To learn how to get the most from Atom Nucleus, you can book a free place on a Nucleus Webinar here:


Offers will be received In the first week of December of Year 7. You may receive an offer of a place with a specific house, or an open offer with the house to be confirmed later. You may also receive an offer of a place on a waiting list for the school.

Scholarships and Bursaries

You can find full details of the available scholarships and bursaries here:

Scholarships and Bursaries

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