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There are 40-60 places available for boys to join in Year 9.

Open Days

The school organises various open mornings and visitors' afternoons. These can be arranged through the school website: https://hamptonschool.org.uk/admissions/open-events/.


Deadline – November of Year 6 or October of Year 7 Parents must register their children using the online registration system on the school website: https://hamptonschool.org.uk/admissions/registration/.

School Examinations

January – February of Year 7 After receiving an application, the school will request a reference from the candidate's current school. Candidates will then be asked to sit exams, created specifically for the school, in the subjects listed below. Though specimen papers are not released, the school website does give an example of question-types that will appear.

  • Maths: non-calculator – 55 minutes
  • English: comprehension and composition – 1 hour
  • Words & Reasoning: multiple choice – 45 minutes

Other Assessments and Interviews

Candidates who perform well in these examinations will be invited back to the school for a general interview lasting approximately 20 minutes.


February of Year 7 or Year 8 Results from the examinations, interview and headteacher's report will be considered and offers for places at the school will be sent to parents. Those pupils who are not successful in Year 6 may apply in Year 7.


May of Year 8Hampton uses the ISEB Common Academic Scholarship Examinations. The syllabuses and specimen papers can be found on the ISEB website, but candidates will complete papers in English, maths, science, Latin, French, history, geography and RS. Parents wishing to enter their child for an academic scholarship should apply on the school website. The closing date is in February of Year 8.

13+ Common Entrance

Summer term of Year 8From entry in 2020 onwards, entry will no longer be dependent on Common Entrance scores. Instead, places at 13+ will be conditional on a final prep school report showing that appropriate levels of effort and attainment have been maintained since the Pre-Test.

Admissions Fees

Deposit requested: £1500 (by March of year offer is made)

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