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There are 260 places available for boys to enter at Year 9. In addition to this there are approximately 14 places available for entry at Year 12.

Open Days

Events, Open Mornings and tours are organised by the school Admissions Office. Parents are advised to get in contact through the school website:www.etoncollege.com


final deadline – 30th June of Year 5 Parents should get in contact with the school directly to ask for a registration form.

School Examinations

October – November of Year 6 All applicants are required to take The ISEB Common Pre-Tests, either at their prep school or at an agreed examination centre. Results will be assessed alongside a report from the applicant's head teacher, covering the boy's academic strengths, interests and character.

Other Assessments and Interviews

February – May of Year 6Candidates who perform well in these examinations will then be invited back to the school for an Assessment Day including a reasoning test, one-on-one interview and group activity. The date of assessment depends on the boy's birthday: those with September – December birthdays will be assessed in early February; those with January – April birthdays will be assessed in early March; those with May – August birthdays will be assessed in early May. The reasoning test has been commissioned specially for the school from Cambridge University. This test is taken online and consists of verbal, numerical and perceptual reasoning. It is one hour long.


March, April or June of Year 6, depending on birthday as above Boys will be offered either a place or a place on a waiting list. Visits to prospective Houses take place in the first and second terms of Year 7.


April of Year 8The Eton scholarship paper is called the King's Scholarship. Scholars receive 10% reduction in school fees (with additional support available) and are placed together in a scholar's house. The examination consists of compulsory papers in English, mathematics, science and a general paper. In addition to this, at least three optional papers must be chosen from: French; Latin, Greek; further maths; combined history, divinity and geography; a second general paper. Further to this, there is an interview with a senior member of staff.

13+ Common Entrance

Summer term of Year 8Offers from this school are conditional on candidates achieving an average of at least 65% at Common Entrance. If your junior school does not offer Common Entrance, you may take the Eton entrance in January of Year 8, or King's Scholarship Examination.

Admissions Fees

Deposit requested: £2,200 (Once house has confirmed place)

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