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Dulwich College


There are around 75 places available for boys to enter Year 9 from other schools; they will join 125 boys from the Lower School, making a total of 210 boys per year. There are 40 additional places available for entry into Year 12. Boys can also join the lower school any various stages from Year 3 to Year 7.

Open Days

The school organises various events and Open Afternoons, details of which can be found on their website. Parents are advised to book these, or any private visits, well ahead of time by contacting the school registrar.


deadline – November of Year 8 Parents can download a registration from the school website:https://www.dulwich.org.uk/admissions/year-9-entry

School Examinations

January of Year 8 Candidates will be asked to sit school exams, created specifically for Dulwich College in the subjects listed below. With the exception of the reasoning paper, specimen papers are available on their website.

  • Maths: calculator – 90 minutes
  • English: prose comprehension and composition – 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Science: all sciences – 60 minutes
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

Other Assessments and Interviews

Candidates who show promise in the written papers are invited to attend an interview shortly after the examination. This will be to allow the candidate the opportunity to give further evidence of his academic strengths and some indication of interests and abilities. The school will also request a confidential report from the Head of the candidate's present school.


February – March of Year 8 Results from the examinations, interview and Head's report will be considered and offers for places at the school will be sent to parents.


Academic Scholarships are awarded to boys who perform exceptionally well in their examination and interview. All boys who sit the entrance examinations are automatically considered for an academic scholarship. There is no separate scholarship exam.

13+ Common Entrance

Summer term of Year 8 Offers from this school do not require achieving a certain grade at Common Entrance, but a French or Spanish examination will be necessary for setting purposes only.

Admissions Fees

Deposit requested: £1800 (in March of Year 8)

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