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Downside School


There are usually approximately 40 places available for boys and girls from other schools to join in Year 9. Many pupils enter in Year 7. In addition to this, boys and girls may join in Year 12. There are limited opportunities to join in other years, based on spaces available.

Open Days

Throughout the year The school organises various events and open days throughout the year; parents can find details on the school's website. The school also recommends that parents book a private visit, which can be arranged by getting in contact with the admissions department.


Deadline – end of Year 6 Parents can download a registration form from the school website: https://www.downside.co.uk/downside-school/admissions/the-admissions-process/.

School Examinations

January of Year 7 After receiving the candidate's application, the school will request a reference from the candidate's current headteacher. The school will make arrangements for the candidate to sit entry tests in English, maths and reasoning.

Other Assessments and Interviews

January of Year 7 No interview is currently mentioned on the school's admissions policy, but some sources report that they may ask candidates to attend one.


January of Year 7 After considering results from the entry test and the headteacher's report, Downside will send offers for a guaranteed, or conditional place at the school.


Lent term of Year 8 Downside sets their own scholarship exams, and candidates are expected to sit papers in English, mathematics, science, French/Spanish, Latin, geography and history. There are also optional RS and modern/classical language papers available.

13+ Common Entrance

Summer term of Year 8 Offers for this school are conditional on a score of at least 60% in each subject at Common Entrance.

Admissions Fees

Deposit requested: £900 (upon receipt of offer)

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