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Colchester County High School for Girls


Colchester County High School for Girls (CCHSG) is a selective grammar school in Essex. Founded in 1909, the school consistently ranks well in exam league tables. The school has academy status and was one of the first Science Specialist Schools in the UK. Colchester County High is also a Modern Language school and offers a range of language subjects.



The Colchester County High School operates jointly with the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (known as the CSSE). There will be one academic selection test for those schools who are members of the CSSE. For parents who express a preference for more than one selective school in the CSSE, this will save children from taking multiple tests for those schools.

How to apply

In order to apply for Year 7 entry to the school, parents need to register their daughter for the 11+ entrance exam. Places at CCHSG are applied through the Local Education Authority and allocated to students based on performance in the 11+ selection test (for 192 places in Year 7).

As CCHSG is part of the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex, registration for the test is via the CSSE website for member schools and opens for a limited period in May/June. Please check the Consortium of Selective Schools Website for details in advance: www.csse.org.uk. Parents also need to complete a Supplementary Information Form. Only girls who meet the admission criteria and meet the standard required in the exam will be eligible for entry.

The CCHSG Admissions Policy can be downloaded:

CCHSG Admissions Policy

The CSSE exam results are sent out about one month after the test, in October. Based on the score your child receives and the guidance given, you then apply for a place at a preferred CSSE school on your Local Authority Common Application Form (CAF).

Open Days

Open days are typically held in July. The school encourages prospective students and their parents to visit the school for a daytime tour, where they will have the opportunity to meet staff, attend a talk by the Headteacher and gain insight in to life at Colchester County High School for Girls.

Exam Information

Exam Date

In September of Year 6.

Exam Board

The entrance exam uses the CSSE Essex 11+ test.

Exam Format

Entry to Colchester County High School for Girls is determined by performance in two tests, covering English and Mathematics, each worth 50%.

The English paper tests comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, as well as creative writing, verbal reasoning and literacy.

The Maths paper tests students on topics contained within the KS2 National Curriculum.

Normally applicants for Colchester County High School for Girls will take the test at the school or other local site which the school may use.

How to prepare for the Essex 11+ Test

Colchester County High School for Girls is considered the top secondary school in Essex, so your daughter is likely to face strong competition for a Year 7 place. For advice on how best to prepare for Essex 11+ exams, please click here for the “Grammar Schools” advice page, and click here for more information on scoring.

Atom’s Education Advisory team holds free parent webinars throughout the year specifically on grammar schools 11+ admissions and exam preparation, including information o nColchester County High School for Girls. Click here if you wish to be notified of our free parent webinars.

Atom also hosts specialist clubs over the holidays to cover exam preparation, including the grammar schools’ 11+ exams, masterclasses in English, maths and reasoning, and creative writing workshops.

If you have any queries on the Essex 11+ admissions process or exams, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of Admissions and Schools experts at [email protected]


A rank order of merit of all candidates seeking a selective place will be created. The final offer of a place at one of the CSSE schools will be sent to you by the local authority on March 2nd, which is National Offers Day.

Pupil Premium

Please click here for more information on the school’s Pupil Premium allocation:Pupil Premium Allocation Information

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